Toronto Advertising Limited is proud to introduce the following new services to their already wide range of automotive advertising solutions.

Large Size Automotive Flyers

Toronto Advertising now offers 22 x 34 automotive flyers which are now becoming more widely used by many large and small car dealerships. This can be explained by the many benefits that these provide. Larger advertising flyers have a greater visual impact, especially if they are colourful – this draws customers’ attention to it right away.

Large automotive flyers also allow for greater design flexibility. With more space, one is able to be more creative with the design and it allows for Read More »

direct mail advertising

With the multitude of messages in the automotive advertising landscape coming from every direction, how does a car dealership attract the attention of potential customers and lead them to their showroom or even better, a sale?

One of the best ways to do this is through direct automotive advertising flyers.

In today’s digital world and crowded advertising landscape, combining the effectiveness of printed material with your online presence is essential. Direct mail marketing has been found to be one of the best methods to grasp the public’s attention and hold it for more than a fleeting moment that is typical with email and radio. Direct automotive advertising flyers are physical and do not just go away with a mouse click, spam folder or the transition to the next song. Direct mail flyers sit in visible areas such as on the counter or the coffee table and typically are more readily available and thus are more readable.

However, it is important that your car dealership flyers are Read More »

Will Result to Cost-Savings for Clients

Evolution is the process of constant creation, branching and expansion ~ Stephen Jay Gould

Fay Hangdaan, TAL president.*As Toronto Advertising Ltd reaches its 17th year, it is expanding to fulfill its goal of helping clients attract new car buyers nationwide. Fay Hangdaan, president and owner of the company, has strengthened the TAL team with the addition of a new sales manager, director of promotion and director of delivery. She has also boosted its flyer advertising strategy through online marketing efforts. Additionally, TAL is coming out with a magazine to complement the flyer and other advertisements services they already have of its clients. The expansion in the company’s products and services make flyer advertising more cost-efficient for TAL clients.

 Toronto Advertising Ltd, on its 17th year in business, has been successfully helping car dealerships Canada-wide. The addition of Howard Prendergast as sales manager means better services provided to clients with increasing, and sometimes complex, marketing and advertising needs. He brings with him a wealth of experience having worked with marketing and advertising firms catering to different industries before joining TAL. His expertise ensures superior quality service delivered to clients.

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