Toronto Advertising Introduces New Dealership Solutions!

September 15, 2014

Toronto Advertising Limited is proud to introduce the following new services to their already wide range of automotive advertising solutions.

Large Size Automotive Flyers

Toronto Advertising now offers 22 x 34 automotive flyers which are now becoming more widely used by many large and small car dealerships. This can be explained by the many benefits that these provide. Larger advertising flyers have a greater visual impact, especially if they are colourful – this draws customers’ attention to it right away.

Large automotive flyers also allow for greater design flexibility. With more space, one is able to be more creative with the design and it allows for more images to be added to balance out the amount of text. Stand out above the crowd with large size automotive flyers!

QR Codes

At Toronto Advertising, we are also proud to introduce the addition of QR codes to our flyers and postcards. QR Codes are bar codes that are scanned and made readable with the use of a smartphone with the appropriate software installed. When scanned, the bar code will direct the viewer to the content chosen by its creator.

For example, QR codes can help automotive companies invite potential customers to their next big car sale or present them with special offers such as coupons for services or parts. QR codes extend a company’s customer reach by being able to connect their online promotional activities and presence with their offline advertising.

Canadian Chinese Radio Partnership

Toronto Advertising Limited is always looking for new and better ways to improve our automotive flyer services and make our customers happy. We understand that Canada is a widely diverse country, filled with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. Due to this, we are proud to be in partnership with Canadian-Chinese Radio as an additional service to car dealerships targeting the Chinese community.

Canadian Chinese Radio (CCR) is a Toronto based Chinese radio station that has been serving the area for over 20 years. They are the only Chinese radio station to provide 24/7 continuous broadcasting. CCR strives to provide the best entertaining and informative programming to meet the different needs of the Chinese community.

Broadcast signals of this radio are only available through:

  • A specially designed radio that you can purchase directly from CCR.
  • On their website
  • An iPhone or Android smartphone. If you wish to listen to it on a smartphone, you must download TuneIn Radio from the App Store.

To learn more about our automotive advertising services, call us at 1888.966.6626 or contact us here.