Toronto Advertising Ltd adding New Services to Celebrate 17th Anniversary

July 28, 2014

Will Result to Cost-Savings for Clients

Evolution is the process of constant creation, branching and expansion ~ Stephen Jay Gould

Fay Hangdaan, TAL president.*As Toronto Advertising Ltd reaches its 17th year, it is expanding to fulfill its goal of helping clients attract new car buyers nationwide. Fay Hangdaan, president and owner of the company, has strengthened the TAL team with the addition of a new sales manager, director of promotion and director of delivery. She has also boosted its flyer advertising strategy through online marketing efforts. Additionally, TAL is coming out with a magazine to complement the flyer and other advertisements services they already have of its clients. The expansion in the company’s products and services make flyer advertising more cost-efficient for TAL clients.

 Toronto Advertising Ltd, on its 17th year in business, has been successfully helping car dealerships Canada-wide. The addition of Howard Prendergast as sales manager means better services provided to clients with increasing, and sometimes complex, marketing and advertising needs. He brings with him a wealth of experience having worked with marketing and advertising firms catering to different industries before joining TAL. His expertise ensures superior quality service delivered to clients.

Just-in-Time Delivery of Flyer Ads

The company, through its director of promotions and delivery, remains committed in ensuring that flyer ads are delivered to the client’s customers and prospects just-in-time, not too early and never late. Timely delivery of the flyer ads is critical in the clients’ businesses, especially when they have promotions. To implement JIT delivery, TAL assures clients of its consistent coordination with Canada Post.

Online marketing efforts support flyer advertising

To expand the reach of the printed flyers to the online market, Toronto Advertising Ltd now supports the installation of pop up ads into its clients’ websites. Using both traditional and online media maximizes the reach of the flyers. This further enhances the micro website product of TAL, an added value provided to car dealerships which hold contests and giveaways so they can gain new contacts.

TAL is also harnessing the power of social media as part of its online marketing support to clients. All flyers designed and printed by the company will be posted and shared within the company’s social network on approval of the clients, or in time for the launching of their promotions. This complementing effort will generate more exposure for the campaigns of clients.


Last but not least, Toronto Advertising is rolling out a magazine to give more space and wider reach to automotive flyers. This effort again maximizes the reach of advertising flyers making them worth every dollar! By leveraging both traditional and online media with a single product, TAL enables companies to save on their marketing budgets.

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