Using Direct Mail Automotive Flyers with QR Codes to Increase Sales Leads

August 21, 2014

direct mail advertising

With the multitude of messages in the automotive advertising landscape coming from every direction, how does a car dealership attract the attention of potential customers and lead them to their showroom or even better, a sale?

One of the best ways to do this is through direct automotive advertising flyers.

In today’s digital world and crowded advertising landscape, combining the effectiveness of printed material with your online presence is essential. Direct mail marketing has been found to be one of the best methods to grasp the public’s attention and hold it for more than a fleeting moment that is typical with email and radio. Direct automotive advertising flyers are physical and do not just go away with a mouse click, spam folder or the transition to the next song. Direct mail flyers sit in visible areas such as on the counter or the coffee table and typically are more readily available and thus are more readable.

However, it is important that your car dealership flyers are professional, well-made and with strong, sales forward messages. This is why it is imperative you consult an automotive flyer specialist to make sure it is done right. After all, a flyer is a representation of your business. At Toronto Advertising Limited, we offer direct automotive flyers in many different sizes, including our newly introduced 22 x 34 flyers. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you design the right automotive flyer to suit your needs.

QR Codes

QR code on mobile display

Just about every notable automotive company in Canada has a web presence which houses a multitude of data and multimedia geared towards providing information and enhancing the user experience.

As an automotive dealership owner, you might be wondering “How can I bridge my online presence and my traditional forms of advertising?” With QR codes of course! And what is a QR Code, you say?

QR codes have been around for about 20 years but only been utilized past few years in North America. QR Codes are bar codes that are scanned and made readable with the use of a smartphone with the appropriate software installed. With a simple scan from a smartphone it directs the public to the online page, image, video or coupon you have chosen. No need to open up a browser, enter the URL and then navigate to the required page.

The encoded QR Code image can be included and printed on your flyer, booklet, postcard or any other promotional material. At Toronto Advertising, we are highly experienced at using QR codes and know how to get the most of them. We can help you navigate the process of designing your automotive flyer with a QR code and efficiently attracting potential customers through it.

QR Code Benefits

  • Extends your direct marketing reach
  • Enhances your online presence
  • Bridges both physical media in hand and your online activity
  • Boosts your online promotional activity – sends the audience to retrieve coupons, visit website, contact information, digital content on the web (video, graphics, images), etc.
  • Adds to the public’s experience, with entertainment given, discounts and needed information retrieved

Like any tool, there are guidelines that can give your use of the QR Code a better chance of success. If not promoted and utilized intelligently, QR codes can be considered just more noise in the landscape of advertising media, but if properly utilized it can add to the public’s experience. This is where an automotive flyer specialist can be of great help. Contact us today for your automotive advertising flyer needs.